New Features

quicker easier way to collect SIP logs by anyone

The method for collecting SIP logs could be made more streamlined. I suggest something like:


1-end user dial *50 (or whatever start key) to start logging. The systems says "Logging started"

1b- snom ONE now turns on logging for this extension's IP address.

2-user reproduces problem

3-user dials *50 and the system say "Logging Completed" and emails the SIP log, the system config and some other basic info the the email of extension initiating the log.

4-user can forward to snom or var.


This could be extended by more than one logging profile. example: *50 is extension level logging and *51 would get loggs for the whole system or something like that.


I think this would dramatically improve ability for snom and resellers to support snom ONE is an effecient manor.



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